9. 8. 2014

White out

Hello fashion ladies,

In case you have not noticed you can start following me on Instagram @ classianaag. As right now I am in the middle of packing for our long wished holiday, we will be away for two weeks in Kenya and I will try to share my adventures over there more easily then via blogger. 

To the outfit I was wearing to the office: It is another simple but I think yet chic combination with my white blazer. Recently is lace top very in for the summer days. But as we have already August, can you believe it?, we have again cold mornings back and I had to have something on, as I am always cold. Black jeans are a classic piece in my closet and I would never tell that I would be wearing them so often. They go with just everything. To spice it up a bit, I chose my leopard flats. They are not of typical color combo, but mix of fresh lime green, pink and yellow and very comfortable to wear. Tell me, how do you fight the morning chill?

What am I wearing?

Blazer: H&M, my suggestion
Top: F&F,  my  suggestion
Jeans: Primark, my suggestion
Shoes: H&M, my suggestion
Clutch: Unknown brand a gift, my suggestion

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Love, Aňa

5. 8. 2014

Blue leopard

Hello Ladies,

In the morning colder but later on pretty fine. Added the hot pink belt to break the blue colours. Golden bag just to make it more fun. Jeans were initially bought by my sister in Mango sales, somehow she did not fit in it, and I was very eager to adopt them :-D. Thank you sista. I love the leopard print, it makes those thight jeans a lot sexier. You have seen the blouse already and this is another option how to pair it. I know I got stuck with jeans again, but this is always when I am in a hurry. Let me know what you throw on when you are running late :D?

What am I wearing?

Jeans: Mango in Sales, my suggestion different pattern
Heels: Deichmann, my suggestion to give it a bit of edge
Bag: H&M in Sales, my suggestion
Jacket: Primark old, my suggestion really loving it

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Have a wonderful week,
Love, Aňa

1. 8. 2014

Flowery leopard

Hello Ladies,

Easy breezy summer outfit for chilly afternoons. We took a stroll around Ostravica and we really like how it has transformed over last few years. Now it is a great place to go jogging, to walk a dog or stroll. And it is always on our way to the tearoom Šambala, which we have discovered during winter while trying to get warm :D, since then it is our favourite place to rest and enjoy peaceful atmosphere plus the tea is so tasty and those meals, you have to try youself. Anyway the bomber jacket is from London and the fabric is so light but warm, pattern is like flowers mixed with leopard. Sandals are from Madrid from holiday long time ago.
Enjoy and let me know your favourite tea room, or if you prefer coffee....

What am I wearing?

Skirt: Reserved old, my suggestion
Shirt: F&F, my suggestionn
Sandals: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Necklace: CCC, my suggestion
Bomber jacket: Primark, my suggestion
Bag: Primark old, my suggestion
Sunglasses: Prada, my suggestion
Earings: Unknown brand, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by,
Love, Aňa

28. 7. 2014

Festival mode

Hello Ladies,

as I promised we finally finished our festival month and here goes few outfits which I was able to capture during those summer nights. The first one, we went to Beats for Love fest, which is devoted to electronic music, so we danced the whole night and my feet hurt badly. So, next time I chose appropriate shoes for such night. Flats were definitely wrong option.  Anyway as it was a bit cold especialy during the night, that I had to put on some jacket, of course I chose this amazing bomber from Reserved. I love the material and the pattern. The rest was kept simple.

Jeans: Zara, my suggestion
Shoes: Unknown brand, my suggestion
Bomber jacket: Reserved, my suggestion
Bag: Primark, my suggestion
T-Shirt: H&M, my suggestion
Necklace: CCC, my suggestion
Earings: Unknown brand, my suggestion

For other festival, Colours of Ostrava, we were promised a beautiful sunny weather so I could finally try out some of the summer trends, lace, neon colours or tribal pattern, flowers. For shoes I chose the boots, which definitely took attention of many people, but girls, honestly, I felt no pain and I could dance the night away. Due to the dusty place of the festival, I did not pick any other shoes for those two other outfits as it made no sense, to dirt other shoes, I am just practical :-D.

Skirt: F&F, my suggestion
Top: F&F, my suggestion or this one
Shoes: Botovo, my suggestion
Bag: Unknown brand from Spain, my suggestion
Necklace: H&M, my suggestion
Earings: Unknown brand, my suggestion

Dress: F&F, my suggestion
Boots: Botovo, my suggestion
Earings: Unknown Brand, my suggestion
Bag: LSfashion,  my suggestion

Shorts: DIY jeans tailored to shorts, my suggestion
Boots: as above
Bag: Unknown brand from Spain, my suggestion
Top: H&M in Sales lately, my suggestion

Hope you enjoy and let me know, which one of them you like the most.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know, which outfit you wore to festivals you went to or plan to go, feel free to leave a link to your blog, so I can check myself :-D.
Love, Aňa

23. 7. 2014

Wedding anniversary drama

Hello Ladies,

Few weeks ago we had a third anniversary of our wedding, unfortunately due to some serious issues at work I was not able to go out with my man. We decided to postpone the dinner date to other week and we enjoyed a pieceful evening full of food. Bringing you some idea how to dress for such an event. I wanted to look more dramatic as usually, so I put my hair up into a nice bun, and tried out my new peplum top and pair it with my hot pink wide skirt. I will not lie, the top is my latest purchase in H&M in sales, and of course I like the price of only 150 Kč, for such money who would not buy it. The skirt was another great finding in F&F store. I just love hot pink colour, hopefully forever, cuz I think it suits me quite well. Anyway people kept looking at me, as I think this was for them quite too much style, but that is only matter of time till others will find their own way of expresssing themselves with help of clothes.

Furthermore, you can see pics from the dinner, we went finally to the Janak restaurant of Mercure hotel in the city centre. I had awesome pasta and my man some meat as usually, we then enjoyed great wine and fresh dessert.

Hope you like it, enjoy and let me know, what would be your ultimate garment for such an occasion?

What am I wearing?

Peplum top: H&M in sales, my suggestion
Skirt: F&F, my suggestion
Shoes: CCC old, my suggestion
Belt: H&M Sweden, my suggestion
Bag: H&M in sales, my suggestion
Earrings: Rossman bijou, my suggestion
Ring: Rossman bijou, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by, 
Love, Aňa

21. 7. 2014


Hello Ladies,

great dress like this one, does not need much to say or to add. As going to office, I had always a huge bag with me with all my essentials. This one was a gift for my B-day from Rasťo and Monika, thank you guys, you really nailed it. What is your bag to work? Let me know...

What am I wearing?

Dress: H&M in Sales two years ago, my suggestion very summery or winter version very sexy
Shoes: Unknown brand, my suggestion very cute but would pair it with black dress rather, or loving these ones
Bag: Deichmann, my suggestion
Earings: a gift, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me,
Love, Aňa

18. 7. 2014

Minty Skin

Hello Ladies,

This post was written some time ago, but somehow it disappeared, unless I deleted accidentally. Hard to say. Anyway, I am trying not to follow every trend that comes out, cuz there is so many of them and I would go nuts, if I would be doing so. But when I saw this dress few years back, I loved the cut and the belt emphasizing the waste line. The skirt having pockets, the golden button and the collar. Then I gave it a try and since then, this dress belongs to one of my summer must haves. Mint seems to stay in the spotlight for some time already, so good excuse for me to wear it. The belt is great thing, which I usually pair with other clothes, blazers, jackets, dresses, sweaters, cardigan with everything where I want to show my waste and give my figure a feminine vibe. This dress is definitely a great silhouette builder. 

The bag was another piece that I saw like two years ago in one magazine, then in another one and since then I have been trying to figure out if they will have it in our stores in Ostrava as well, or not. The did, and I bought it, I just love the snakeskin pattern. The necklace is recent purchase in sales and it great fits to this color combination. Never underestimate the sales, you can always find something suitable and great at the same time. What is great sales purchase for you? Let me know...

What am I wearing?

Dress: H&M old, my suggestion similar, also this one and this one are cute
Heels: F&F old, Gran Canaria, my suggestion  or I love these ones
Bag: H&M old, my suggestion or this one
Necklace: CCC, my suggestion

Thanks for stopping by, and as I plan to spend the whole week on the festival Colours of Ostrava, I will update you with some outfits later next week, hopefully, if I survive :-D.
In case you are going too, enjoy it and see ya there! 
Love, Aňa